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The Art of Gin Making

Empress 1908 Gin

Empress Exhibition

Presented at the AGO, this exhibition will feature portraits of Queen Victoria and pieces from her favourite artists.


Opening night will be open to AGO members, and invited influencers and local artists before being open to the public.

Guests will be able to test and create craft cocktails with the gin. They will also be given custom Empress infused paint sets. These paint sets will be available for guests to use at the event.


Art done by visitors will then be displayed on

a community wall in the exhibit. 

Empress Event Mock-Up.png


Client: Empress 1908
Product: Empress Gin

Team Members: Conor Brown, Jennifer Yien

Role: Art Direction

Empress Gin was inspired by the Empress who was passionate about the arts, Queen Victoria. Just like fine art, the magic of Empress is in the colour. 

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